Organic Certified Natural Cosmetics

The purity of nature, for the beauty within you.

Organic cosmetics are not the same as natural cosmetics, as certified organic products deliver the highest degree of naturalness, healthy ingredients and a maximum content of raw materials from certified organic cultivation.

Our products are 100% derived from nature and feel completely natural. With ELIAH SAHIL we go one step further, beyond conventional natural cosmetics, as we produce ABG-certified organic cosmetics without exception. This not only protects skin and hair, but also our environment.

Why is organic better?

Organic cosmetics are free of genetically modified ingredients and chemical-synthetic pesticides.

Organic raw materials are around 200 times less contaminated with pesticides than conventional ones and therefore healthier!

Organic is good for our bees and promotes diversity.

There are significantly more old varieties, herbs and animal species on organic fields.

Organic protects our environment and conserves resources.

Nature and its resources are our most important asset. We owe it to the next generation to conserve that commodity by being responsible consumers.