Our Mission

Discover true nature

Eliah Sahil was founded by Silvio Perpmer in Bregenz on the Austrian side of Lake Constance. Inspired by his birth of his son, he decided to create a cosmetics brand that would be 100% natural, gentle on the skin and hair and, above all, benign to the environment.

Environmental awareness has been a constant thread running through Silvio Perpmer’s life: as early as the 1990s, this qualified yoga instructor founded the certified-organic cleansing and detergent brand Planet Pure. Thanks to the efforts of Perpmer and his team over the last twenty years, it has become an international bestseller.

With Eliah Sahil, he went one step further, establishing a certified-organic cosmetics brand that takes nature as its model and processes all raw materials exclusively in their purest form. Eliah Sahil does not use any chemically modified ingredients or irritating surfactants. The high-quality essences from herbs, flowers and minerals are extracted sparingly and processed with care. This ensures that the rich active ingredients, such as rose or soapnut seed oil, healing clay or ginseng, unfold their full effect. The raw materials are obtained from controlled organic cultivation. To guarantee this, the brand works closely with farmers in India. This is because Eliah Sahil is committed to nature and all living beings on the planet. Every product is guaranteed vegan and free from animal testing as well as exclusively produced in Austria.

The brand is known above all for its innovative product range, with all formulas having resulted from many years of experience and the research done by Silvio Perpmer himself. Driven by the founder’s ingenuity, the brand regularly launches new products such as its powder shampoo for wet hair washing. Compared to a conventional liquid shampoo, which consists of 70% water and contains synthetic substances, Eliah Sahil powder shampoo impresses by virtue of its natural ingredients such as healing clay, shikakai and soapnut. Packed and sold in a handy, lightweight aluminium can, it is also the ideal travel companion.

Zero Waste Concept

Right from the start, Silvio Perpmer was determined to implement an overall concept for plastic-free packaging. Eliah Sahil is a zero-waste brand, which means that all products are sold without disposable packaging. Each container is 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Thanks to an innovative refill concept, the powder shampoo containers can be readily reused. The brand completely dispenses with standard paper labels and instead relies on an innovative stone-ground flour solution. These labels require 80% less water during production and – best of all – the rain forests are spared.

Take. Make. Give Back.

Eliah Sahil obtains the ingredients in their purest form from nature. For founder Silvio Perpmer, it is therefore natural to give something back to the environment. Every product in the range supports sustainable and social projects all over the world. For example, approximately 50 cents from the price of every children’s shampoo sold goes to Allin Mikuna – Kinder gesund ernähren, a charity run jointly with Plan International that is dedicated to the healthy nourishment of children. The brand also supports the Blühende Wiesen (Flowering Meadows) project which supports apiculture and promotes landscape greening to preserve wild bees.

Silvio Perpmer (Founder & CEO) with his son Eliah

Our Values

Vegan and without
animal testing

Plastic-free packaging
with zero waste options

100% natural ingredients
from organic farming

Social and fair
working conditions

Organic certified according
to ICADA and Bio Austria

„Flowering Meadows“ Project
for bee protection

Nature and its resources are our most important asset. We owe it to the next generation to conserve that commodity by being responsible consumers.


Our Products are






Silicone, Sulphate


Parabens, Paraffin, Palm oils


Chemical fragrances


Animal ingredients






Animal testing